Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Donate to a Cause

"If I have one great idea, it is that connecting people might save the world," Mary Pipher wrote in Writing to Change the World.

One way to get the word out about your book is to find a cause you're passionate about and donate books, part of your profits, or time. Most nonfiction books can find a cause in theme of their books and giving not only feels good, it can also be a venue for news stories about your book and passions.

My own passion happens to be farmland protection. Twenty-five years ago I donated to a new organization called Farm Aid and today no matter what new calamity hits our world, I still dip into my wallet for various organizations that support family farms.

Local Vegetarian Cooking donated profits to PCC Farmland Trust. And I've contributed to American Farmland Trust for over a decade. A few years ago I noticed that Barbara Kingsolver offered part of the profits from Animal Vegetable, Miracle to American Farmland Trust. By supporting a cause, you also help build your platform. When The Northwest Vegetarian Cookbook was released, I bought twenty books that will be given to PCC Farmland Trust to help raise money for donations. It's a win-win strategy.

If you contribute to PCC Farmland Trust before May 31, you're officially entered in the lottery to get a free signed copy of The Northwest Vegetarian Cookbook.

Right now I'm putting together a "cook-local" cookbook basket for Food Lust, an annual auction on June 5 at Willie Green's Organic Farm. put on by Cascade Harvest Coalition. Other contributors to this basket include: Kathy Gehrt (Discover Cooking with Lavender), Devra Gartenstein (Local Bounty), Braiden Rex-Johnson (The Pike Place Market Cookbook), and Kathy Casey (Sips and Apps). I'm also adding some ingredients from the market such as honey, vinegar and wine for your local cooking adventures, should you be the lucky winner of this auction lot. If you attend Food Lust you'll have an opportunity to bid on this great "cook local" basket.

"Find your place on the planet, dig in and take responsibility from there. " Gary Snyder

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